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Virtual Farm Field Day July 15, 2021

Virtual Farm Field Day July 15, 2021, 6 PM Establishing a Chestnut Agroforestry, by CT Resource Conservation and Development

About this event

Thinking about diversifying your farm? Considering how to incorporate tree crops using agroforestry?

Tree crops such as chestnut and hazelnut in CT are becoming a source of additional farm income and an opportunity to diversify crops and use spaces that aren’t suited to tillage or other activity.

Come learn about establishing chestnut agroforestry from farmers, agricultural, and NRCS service providers. We’ll walk though the process of assessing the property for potential tree crops and agroforestry uses. Look at the steps to establish and maintain the perennial tree crop planting at Adamah Farm which recently planted chestnuts as part of an initial phase of farm expansion. We’ll go through the process in this webinar, hear about lessons learned, and how the newly planted trees are part of the farm’s bigger plan. Hear how farms in Connecticut can get started in improving farm diversity and expand into agroforestry.

This event isĀ FREE. However, donations are welcome in order to support the continued work of the CT Soil Health Initiative.

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