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Legal Marijuana is almost here. If only pot farmers were on board, Sept 9, 2017

California, which by one estimate produces seven times more marijuana than it consumes, will probably continue to be a major exporter — illegally — to other states. In part, that is because of the huge incentive to stay in the black market: marijuana on the East Coast sells for several times more than in California.

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Free Food Forest on a Bronx, NY barge- Sept 8, 2017

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Fighting Eviction, a Gardener Turns to Organic Industry Giants for Help- April, 2017

A community garden in Los Angeles that is threatened with eviction has gained the support of some high-profile leaders from the organic and natural food movements.

Now, the heads of Annie’s Homegrown, a division of General Mills, and other food companies have taken to social media to help raise the $500,000 needed to buy the property that Mr. Finley rents and uses to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers for his neighborhood.

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