Assist New Milford in protecting and preserving our surviving farmlands

Barn Quilt Trail

The New Milford Barn Quilt Trail—the first in Connecticut–has been created through the joint efforts of several New Milford municipal and nonprofit organizations. The project was supported by a 2014 match grant from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Offices of Culture and Tourism. Local entities to which we are deeply grateful include:

Offices of both former Mayor Patricia Murphy, quilter and long-time advocate for the trail, who came up with the vision and found much of the funding, and of her successor, Mayor David Gronbach, who gave continuing direction and additional funding to complete the project, New Milford Farmland & Forest Preservation Committee, which made possible generous funding to help showcase our thriving family farms, New Milford Facilities Department, whose employees were responsible for transporting all eight barn quilt blocks to the host barns and, using a cherry picker, hanging them all perfectly, New Milford Historical Society, which worked pro bono with former Mayor Murphy to identify Phase One host farms, New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation, which pro bono provided extensive research on the host farms and New Milford’s farming history, compiled by board member William Devlin, New Milford Youth Agency, whose staff painted three of the eight barn quilt blocks, Village Center for the Arts and its Co-Founder and Studio Director Jayson Roberts, who led a team of all-volunteer artists to paint the five remaining barn quilt blocks

We are especially appreciative of the eight barn owners for their participation in the first phase of the New Milford Barn Quilt Trail.

Please remember as you drive, bike or walk along the quilt trail, you need to use caution when stopping along country roads to view the barn quilt blocks. Don’t forget that the barn quilt blocks are hung on private property and can only be viewed from public roadsides. Please respect private property boundaries. Responsibility for any accident while viewing the barn quilt blocks is entirely that of the viewer.