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Five Leaves

The five different leaves depicted on this barn quilt block are rich in meaning for the Duffy-Reisberg family which purchased this antique farm in 2016, which they renamed Bright Green Farm.  The chestnut leaf in the upper left corner represents historic Chestnut Land. This is the name of the 19th century district in which the original subsistence farm belonged to the Canfield Family.  The birch leaf in the lower left corner represents the Duffy-Reisbergs’ heritage in Eastern Europe where birch trees abound.  The maple leaf in the lower right corner is a nod to the mature maple trees that line the driveway and are tapped for maple syrup.  The apple leaf in the upper right corner commemorates the apple trees on the farm that legend holds were planted some time after the Civil War. According to Karen Duffy, the bright green elm leaf in the center of the design is a symbol of Mother Earth, signifying the “bright green” school of environmentalism that focuses upon sustainability, a core value of Bright Green Farm.